No. 32

No, this isn’t my 32nd blog post, ‘No. 32’ is the name of a trendy restaurant in Clapham where Ben and I went to celebrate the fact that we have now been together for a whole year.

The restaurant’s full name is ‘No. 32 The Old Town’, because it sits on the corner of Clapham Common and the Old Town side of Clapham.

No. 32

I was shocked at how busy it was when we arrived!

It was standing room only at the bar and the restaurant section at the back was heaving. When I had phoned to reserve a table earlier in the day, I was told that the only space available was on a sharing table which sat up to eighteen people! I was quite relieved when we got there and the waitress decided that the sharing table was far too busy and managed to find another table for us.

Busy bar
The best cocktail: fruity fresh

We went for cocktails to start. In the mood for celebrating, I had the Marmalade champagne cocktail, and Ben had a hot peanut butter one. My cocktail was delicious, very refreshing and smelt nice.

Unfortunately, Ben’s cocktail wasn’t as nice. It came in a beer mug, it looked like a beer, and it was warm! It tasted nothing like peanut butter, and only like a peculiar mixture of spirits, and it reminded me of something you would have on a very cold day to warm up! He didn’t finish his, but watched me drink mine!

The kitchen
The busy sharing table

I liked the menu at No. 32 – it wasn’t a standard burger or Italian restaurant, but included more homely meals such as shepherds pie and beef.

I had the Salmon en Croute and Ben had the Chicken and Chorizo schnitzel. When mine arrived, I wished that it had come with chips, but it was actually very filling on its own. Ben’s was tasty too, and it came with house-made remoulade and fries. I was close to having food envy, but my salmon was delicious. It came with a garnish of spinach and sorrel sauce.

Yummy schnitzel
Salmon en Croute

With eyes bigger than our bellies, we went on to order the Dark chocolate mousse, with a brownie base, hazelnuts, and salted caramel sauce. This was good, but not as good as my main course. I think next time, I’d order a starter or a sharing plate rather than a dessert.

Nutty dark chocolate mousse
Brownie crown

I had a really nice evening at No. 32, and I can now understand why it was so busy and why advance booking is definitely needed! It’s a good place to go just for a drink, and the food was banging.

A lonely empty table

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