The most romantic W.C.

W.C. doesn’t stand for what you think it would – apart from it kind of does. The board outside says ‘Wine & Charcuterie’ but it’s actually in the old public toilet.

W.C. is a bar inside the 100-year-old ex-public toilets underneath Clapham Common station. You can’t see the entrance to the bar from street level, and without all the fairy lights outside you probably wouldn’t know what it was!

The original tiled stairs to the entrance descend underground from the behind the station. At the bottom, we had to peep through a thick curtain to look inside… Which made the bar feel even more mysterious! It was dimly lit, mainly using candles, and my eyes needed to adjust when we walked in from the brightly lit high street.

It was very busy, but luckily there was a table for two at the bar. On one side of the bar there are booths (or cubicles) for larger groups, where the table tops are made from the original wooden urinal partitions! On the other side of the bar, probably where the ladies toilets were, there are smaller tables for two or three people.

Up to the pavement
Suspended sausages

Despite the fact that we were sitting in an old loo, the bar was full of couples smooching. I’m not usually one for PDA, but I felt left out for not snogging the face off my boyfriend. It’s definitely the hotspot for meeting dates in Clapham.

Smooching couples

We ordered a 500ml jug of white wine, which was delicious. The wine list is a mixture of Old and New World wine – I’m not sure which one we ordered, but it tasted great!

I’ve seen on the website that they do a black pudding scotch egg, so I want to go back, but if I hadn’t seen that I’d want to go anyway! I thought it was lovely, and very romantic.

Where is the lollipop lady?

The staff there were very friendly and efficient, and the waiter gave us a complimentary glass of wine at the end!

In the summer, there are tables outside where you can enjoy the wine without the public toilet surroundings, but in the winter, you need to venture underground!

Glitzy toilet lights

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