Being pizza pilgrims

Since seeing Pizza Pilgrims last summer at the Rooftop Cinema Club, I’ve wanted to try one of their fat Napoli-inspired doughy pizzas.

After work last week, Gemma, Charley and I headed to Kingly Court on Carnaby Street, which is the square where Whyte and Brown and The Rum Kitchen are. I last went there on a warm afternoon in August, so I was concerned that the Court might be a bit chilly now in the evening, but I was pleased to discover that they have installed a roof over the square for the winter. Luckily I’m not the only one who is afraid of the cold!

Pizza Pilgrims is in the middle of the square, with seating outside, and a surprisingly large indoor and downstairs area. Although we were told that we would have to wait to be seated outside, we chose to do this anyway to soak up the ambience of the busy square.

I remembered my newfound taste for beer, and ordered a Birra Moretti, which I knew would be a good choice because every other person on the tables around us had a pint of it in front of them! It was the only beer there on tap, so that’s likely to be the reason.

I’d say that the pizza selection in the menu was medium sized, not as large as the Pizza Express menu, but more to choose from than Franco Manca. Even so, all three of us chose the Nduja pizza, which was a margherita (tomato, fior di latte, basil and olive oil) with nduja sausage on it, which is a spicy Calabrian sausage.

We were on our second Birra Moretti when the pizzas came, and the area had cleared out a little since the post-work rush around 7pm.

The pizzas were delicious, and looked just how I had remembered them from the Rooftop Cinema Club all that time ago. I couldn’t finish mine, so Gemma (fatty) helped me out.

I really prefer my pizzas to be more doughy rather than crispy now. After having Pizza Pilgrims and Franco Manca, I am converted to pizza softness.

Pizza Pilrgims would be amazing if you were suffering after having one too many white wines the night before (which has never happened to me, ever). And it was really nice for a bite to eat after work and a catch up with friends!



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