Hip hop chip shop 

Having good ol’ fish and chips for a cheeky ‘I can’t be bothered to cook’ dinner is probably one of my favourite meals. Whether they are crispy or fluffy, I love my chips equally, and adding a drizzle of vinegar and a dollop of mayonnaise on the side makes it perfect.

It’s a pub classic, but aside from this, the restaurants serving classic fish and chips (not fancy fish and hand-cut triple cooked symmetrical ones) are quite limited. It could be something to do with the success of Hook, (the rustic fish and chip restaurant in Camden) but I was thrilled to see that Brixton is the new home of the hippest chip shop around.

Graffiti stylin’

It has taken the place of the late night chicken shop opposite The Dog Star, but it’s the kind of place that if you only just noticed, you might think has always been there. The owners of Chip Shop have lived in the Brixton area for nearly 18 years, and they own Brixton Grill, in Brixton Village, which is the one where you can get a huge plate full of grilled chicken and fries.

Outside, it fits in with its ‘street’ Brixton surroundings nicely. It has graffiti pictures of different rappers, including 2Pac and BigL – don’t ask me who they are though!

‘Bad’ rapper

IMG_8978This theme continues into the inside of the restaurant, where it is dimly lit and there is graffiti along the walls leading up to the kitchen and the food hatch at the back. This is complimented by the hip hop playlist which is playing continuously.

Ben and I went to Chip Shop for a bite to eat on a Saturday evening. The menu is divided between up-market fish and chips, with dishes including grilled tuna steaks, red snapper, and crab, and a more traditional fish and chip menu. They also do takeaways (I hope they’re on Deliveroo!)

Hello chef!
The bar

I of course, flicked straight through to the recognisable fish and chip bit, and being ‘different’ from my usual choice – which is cod and chips – I went for the haddock and chips. (Just call me Miss Adventurous).

Haddock at the front, cod at the back

The batter on the fish was really crispy and nice, and the chips weren’t like normal chip shop chips – they were thinner and crispier, but were all unique in shape and were difficult to stop picking at, even when I was full. The fish and chips came with a decent serving of tartar sauce too which was delicious.

Feeling hip

The food came very quickly, (in fact, it came before our beers had arrived) and it was good quality.

The experience hasn’t torn me away from my usual fish and chip loving from the local chip shop, but it was definitely worth a try and I’m sure that I’ll be ordering a take away from there soon!

The ten gangster commandments

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