Wine under the altar

I love spontaneous nights out, drinks and meet ups, and I discovered Gremio de Brixton on one of these. I had the pleasure of visiting it last Friday night.

gremio-de-brixton-babalou-1-optimisedGremio is set aside from the main patch of bars and restaurants around Brixton village, so it’s the kind of place that you wouldn’t necessarily stumble upon on a night out.

It’s actually based underneath St Matthew’s Church in Brixton – not exactly where you would expect to find a bar! It’s a tapas bar and restaurant in the church cellar, and it’s surprisingly large (it’s probably the same size as the church.)

St Matthew’s Church – hiding a gem
Found you!
You can’t see the whole bar from anywhere when you’re inside, because the low ceilings and stone archways act as dividers and make it feel intimate and small, not to mention the fact that it is only lit very dimly.

The restaurant section is at the back, and it’s a lot bigger than you’d think.  Being a spontaneous evening out meant that we hadn’t booked a table, and had to order a drink at the bar before we were seated.

We went for a selection of chorizos, serrano ham croquettes with quince aioli, suckling pig with apple and pear mash and onion relish, asparagus and orange salad with walnuts, and octopus served with potatoes and smoked paprika mayo.

The food was delicious. It’s hard to have a favourite dish, but I’m going to have to vote the sucking pig as the best. Don’t let the word ‘suckling’ put you off – it was tender, tasty and moreish.

The suckling pig
All the food was really well presented and looked beautiful on its own! But the dim lighting – not the fact that the food didn’t last very long before it was eaten! – meant that photography was difficult.

After eating as much tapas as we could manage, we ordered another bottle of red and found a nice spot in the middle of the bar to stand.

The bar gets really busy, but as I mentioned, it’s very large and spacious, so it’s still a good place to hang out.

It’s a great venue, and there’s plenty of space if you go in a big group!


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