You can’t tell from the name, but Plonk is a brand of indoor crazy golf courses in London. Plonk takes over bars and pubs across the city, and allows you to challenge your friends and family to a round of tropical tiki themed Golf.

In the summer, the Duke of Edinburgh pub in Brixton is an amazing spot to meet friends for a drink due to its ENORMOUS pub garden, but in the winter, the pub slightly loses its appeal.

Plonk is making use of the fabulous pub garden to house a pop up crazy golf course, so I was able to ask my friends for a round of golf last weekend.

There were nine holes in a marquee in the pub garden, each decorated in a tiki theme, including volcanos, Aztec statues, flowers, and bamboo.

Some of the holes were all quite similar, where you had to hit the ball through a tunnel and it needed to make it out the other side to the hole. The course itself wasn’t too difficult, but the addition of alcohol made it a bit tricky! One or two of the balls ended up off the course…

Hey there Britain’s Next Top Model

I’d accidentally left my A-game at home that night, so by about the sixth hole I’d completely lost, and after three hits my ball was actually back at the tee where I’d stated! I don’t think tiger woods needs to worry about having competition for his job…

We were diligently keeping score the whole night, and at the end, Gemma won, Ciara came second, I was third and Matt was the graceful loser.

Plonk was a really fun and really different evening out. It didn’t take very long to complete the course, but it was short and sweet!

Oh look, it’s Cara, Suki and Bieber

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