Head down to Heddon Street

Heddon street is a lovely little street off Regents street, one which I only knew for being home to the Ice Bar (a bar inside a freezer) and Strawberry Moons (where lots of 18 year olds tend to end up).

Heddon Street Kitchen is neither constructed out of ice nor does it play cheesy music: it’s actually a lovely New York loft-style restaurant which is perfect for grabbing some good quality food.


The Kitchen is part of Gordon Ramsay’s bouquet of 14 restaurants that are dotted around London. As well as visiting to sample the tasty-looking evening menu, you can go there for brunch or a fancy cocktail.

When the restaurant opened in late 2014, the opening night was plagued with headlines that it had been sabotaged, because only 40 out of the expected 140 diners actually showed up, creating chaos and disappointment for the staff. Luckily the restaurant stayed open, so I was able to go there last week.

No sign of sabotage…

I went on a ‘thirsty- thursday’ night with my dad. I thought that it might be really busy because ‘Thursday is the new Friday’ in London, but the atmosphere was lively without being too loud or squashed, and we were immediately sat at a table for two with a navy leather sofa running along one side of it.

New York?

The restaurant is set on two floors. It was dimly lit, with tiled floors, wooden tables and sturdy leather chairs. When you arrive at the restaurant, you can see the kitchen at the back which is partly open to the dining area, and the chefs buzzing around creating their edible masterpieces.

Having the hustle and bustle of the kitchen on display made the place feel very casual, and it was comforting to know exactly where our food was coming from, and that the chefs weren’t locked away in the cellar or anything.

Thirsty (Thursday) work

Dad ordered a nice bottle of red, and we skipped starters to go straight into ordering main meals.

I opted for the cod fillet with tartar mash and a poached egg. Dad had the whole grilled English plaice with brown shrimp, capers and fennel.

The restaurant was a nice plaice
My meal was sent from cod

The cod was even nicer than I expected it to be! It was sat on a bed of tartar mash potato, and sprinkled with crispy squares of roasted parsnip. Beautiful.

A cheeky kale salad on the side

The dark chocolate tart with salted caramel ice cream on the dessert menu sounded lovely, but in the end we just ordered coffees, which came served in charming cups with saucers.

Quaint coffees

The food was excellent, the service was spot on, and I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere there. It was great for a Thursday night dinner! Thursday is definitely the new Friday.

I’ll be heading back to Heddon Street Kitchen!

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