Sticks, and sushi

I’ve just moved flat, so I now have a whole new area of restaurants to explore… yipee!

I’ve wanted to go to Sticks & Sushi in Covent Garden for a while, but being a silly billy, I didn’t realise that the restaurant is actually a chain, so there’s more than one place to try their delicious sushi. I was thrilled to discover that one of these branches is in my new neighbourhood: Wimbledon.

So local
Step inside…

I went there on Friday night with Ben, and it was a great introduction to the town!

When you’ve had a few drinks, it’s quite hard to decide what food to go for on the menu. We were torn between two sharing platters, or whether to go for a selection of the only dishes that we recognised.

Where the magic happens
My (slightly tipsy) date for the evening

In the end, we went for the ‘Upgrade’, which was a selection of: inside out rolls, carpaccio, rice paper, meat on sticks, and yasai sticks.This included both sticks, and sushi – what the restaurant does best.

We swapped the nigiri (a block of rice with a slice of fish on top) for a plate of Ebi Bites (tempura shrimp), and this came served first.

Ebi bites

I’m not a big fan of shrimp, but I went along with the order because Ben wanted it, (and the award for the best girlfriend goes too…) and that was a good decision, because it was delicious!

The bitesized pieces slightly reminded me of rice crispy cakes because they had that crispy, bobbly texture, and a substantial crunch when you bit into them.

The Upgrade

The next large plate to be delivered in front of us had the rice-based bits arranged on it.

My favourite was the salmon carpaccio with a lime marinade, and after giving Ben a mouthful I ‘accidentally’ ate the whole plate myself!

It didn’t stay round for long

I was quite full up after these two courses, but we knew that we had the meat on sticks (or ‘yakitori’ in sushi) still to come.

There were three types of meat: tsukune chicken meatballs, tuna with chilli dip, and lamb chops. The chicken skewers were the best, because they were tangy and easy to eat with chopsticks, the tuna was good, and the lamb ones were very tough to chew and difficult to rip from the skewer.

Sticks of joy

The food was superb!

As I often find with sushi, I didn’t know exactly what I’d ordered – so every course was a surprise! (Hopefully this blog will help me to remember in case I go back to Sticks & Sushi again!)

The surroundings

I really liked the atmosphere there. It is a very big, open plan restaurant, that almost looks like a warehouse, but it was buzzing, and you could easily have a romantic dinner there as well as going in a large party and sitting on a long table.

I hope that I get to go again! (I hope you’re reading this Ben!) or that I can dine in one of the restaurant’s sister branches in central London. It was a marvellous sushi experience.

Great sushi
Sticks & Sushi

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