New York: Best Bits

Hello New York!
The Flatiron Building

I went for a long weekend to New York, with my family and Ben. We saw and experienced so much, but here are my highlights:

Statue of Liberty (obv!)

Arguably the most iconic landmark in New York, our first stop was at the Statue of Liberty… And we had tickets to go all the way up into the crown.

To get up to the crown, there is a spiral staircase that leads all the way up to the top, like a column or spine inside Lady Liberty. But if you’re claustrophobic or don’t like heights, it’s not an easy journey!

The crown looks huge from below, but when you’re up there it’s actually a surprisingly tiny and cramped space – more like a cupboard than a crown! You couldn’t fit more than four people along it looking out the windows, and there wasn’t much space to peer out from behind those at the windows either. Although the crown looks wide, there are only five or six small windows along it. There was a very nice view from the top, and the climb up felt like an accomplishment!

Looking at her bum?

Back down the bottom, we toured the circumference of the Statue, taking all the photos that our hearts desired.


Rooftop barBen and I rewarded ourselves from all the climbing with a drink at a rooftop bar.

The bar had been recommended to Ben, and it was definitely a good recommendation! The sun was shining, and we had an incredible view looking up at the Empire State building.

Mojito time!
Nice hat!

Central Park

Central Park was on the top of my New York hit list, but as the weather wasn’t great while we were there, our trip to the 770 acre park was only a short circuit around the most westerly corner.

We walked past the zoo, and saw lots of runners, and men playing five-a-side football.

Making friends with a tree!

Rockefeller CenterLast time I went to New York, we went up to the top of the Empire State Building to look at the view over the New York skyline, but this time, we decided it would be better to go to the Top of the Rock.

The Rock

I found it very interesting to learn about the history of the Rockefeller Centre, and to be at the scene where the iconic photo was captured of workers eating their lunch perched on a beam up in the sky.

Great view!
Bloody tourists
This is the photo. Recognise it?


George’s suggestion for outings was one of my favourite activities. We rode the subway down from 42nd street where we were staying, to Brooklyn Bridge, and then walked across the bridge into Brooklyn.

It was a very cold walk – being exposed to the icy wind that was blowing over the Hudson River – but it was picturesque and we could look back towards Manhattan, or at the Statue of Liberty in the distance as we walked.

The Brooklyn Bridge

The walkway across the bridge is made from wooden slats, and there are two lanes, one for pedestrians, and one for cyclists.

Life in the fast lane

In Brooklyn, we hailed a cab and requested to be taxied straight to the Brooklyn Brewery.

We ended up arriving at the brewery before it was actually open. So we stopped for a pit stop coffee to line our stomachs before we went in.

Adam doing his best to hail a cab

Inside, we had a pint to get us warmed up, and were then guided on a tour around the brewery.

Lads lads lads
The Brooklyn Brewery (and some rubbish)

We learnt about the American beer preferences towards lighter, fizzy beer, and how after beer died out during prohibition in America, the Brooklyn Brewery was set up by two men hoping to direct drinking tastes back to their former state.

Highline Walkway

The Highline Walkway in New York is a public space on the disused elevated railway tracks along the west side of Manhattan.

Ben and I walked the 1.5 mile stretch on our penultimate day in New York. Street art and monuments decorate the walkway so there is plenty to look at. We made our trip to the Highline Park quite a brisk one because it was so chilly and the wind was bitter, but we saw everything and took photos along the way.

What a pretty wall
Art attack

Times SquareNo trip to New York would be complete without an obligatory trip to Times Square! We managed to fit this in at the end of our last day there. Unfortunately, New York had decided to make us feel very at home – and it was pouring with rain.


Before the rain…

We bought a slice of pizza that was bigger than the size of my head in a pizza parlour round the corner from the square. Tastyyyy.

The good thing about it raining, was that Times Square was relatively clear from people traffic, so we could have a quick walk through it and pose for some photos.

Supersized slices
The English weather followed us!

FoodAs expected, the food in New York was unreal.

On our first evening in New York, we had a Man v. Food experience, and went to a diner where no burger contained less than 1000 calories. I went for one that was 2300 calories (more than my entire advised daily calorie intake). It had grilled chicken, blue cheese, salad, onion rings, and came with a side of potato fritters.

The monster (heart attack) burger

We had some good breakfast and lunches too.

On our first morning, we stumbled upon a sort of canteen, where you could pretty much order absolutely anything you wanted. Fry ups, omelettes, fruit, sandwiches, bagels, porridge, pancakes, cereal… You could even have sushi for breakfast if you really wanted.

In the breakfast canteen

The very friendly man at the canteen took us on a tour of the floor, and even asked us to take a photo with him.


Another great breakfast was at ‘Burger Heaven’ on 49th street.

It was recommended by Karen, so we weren’t put off by the name and worried that we would be served burgers. I had buttermilk pancakes, with crispy bacon, maple syrup, and a side of scrambled eggs. Delish.

The pancake bar

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