The last few times I’ve tried to get a table at Homeslice, I’ve barely been able to take a step into the tiny restaurant because it has been so full of people. But I knew this must be a good thing – and it’s popular for a reason!

Luckily, when Laura wanted to go for a celebratory meal to mark the end of her exams, it was a Monday night, and we were in luck.

Homeslice sells delicious soft pizzas that are large enough for 2-3 people to share. They are all priced around £20, and you can go half and half with toppings.

We were still told it would be a 35 minute wait by the staff on the door, but by the time we had walked to the pub round the corner and ordered a drink, it was already time to return because a table had become free!

Sitting down at the table after having downed my pub drink, it would have been easy to miss the huge chalk board on the wall by the door that was the only menu.

I’m not really sure how people on busier days manage to choose their food, because the board was almost completely obstructed by the queue of hungry people trying to get a table! But we could see a tasty option near the top, and went for it.

We went for the ‘salami, rocket and Parmesan’ pizza.

It was delicious, and the size of the pizza slices reminded me of the fabulous giant pizza segments that I ate in Times Square a few weeks ago.

The crust was doughy, puffy and chewy, and the base was very thin so the pizza was floppy. There was a thick layer of toppings, and it makes me hungry just talking about it…

We ordered prosecco while we were there, but you can also order wine – by the magnum.

It was great! A hidden gem in the middle of crowded Covent Garden, and if you can be patient enough to wait for a tale, it’s oh so worth it.


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