Off to camp! 

Happy campers!

Last weekend I went to Sayers Croft Field Centre near Ewhurst in Cranleigh. The adventure holiday park is nestled within a healthy 56 acres of woodland, meadows, ponds and fields, and it’s popular for weekends away for school groups, scouts and guides.

The park is really for children, but as a friend works there, me and my rowdy group of pals descended on the camp for the weekend.

The Centre was built in 1939 to provide fresh air for inner city children and a refuge for evacuees. Most of the dorms there today are the original dorms from this time.

Our home for the weekend
Retro cabins
The cabin in the woods

When we had dropped our luggage off in the dorm, we headed straight to the rock climbing wall.

Water tower-climbing

The wall wasn’t very tall because it exists to be climbed by children. We mastered the small wall, and the wall on the other side was slightly harder because it had fewer footholds.

Only Matt and I were brave enough to climb up the second children’s wall!

Nice glutes
Monkey boy Matt
Owning the wall

Our next activity involved driving to Sainsbury’s to buy supplies – not very Lara Croft, but we needed lunch!

When we had topped up our energy, we decided to try some archery. Surprisingly, it was indoor, but this didn’t make it much easier, as the ‘wind’ still managed to take hold of some of the arrows and guide them away from the bullseye… It was definitely the wind.

Guided by our ‘qualified’ instructor

It was good fun, and we did a shooting game in two teams. My team won, of course!

I was surprised by the size of the Sayers Croft plot. I hadn’t heard of it before, but it’s actually been declared a local nature reserve, and it’s looked after by the Sayers Croft Trust. We went for a walk through some of it, and it is beautiful.

Such a beautiful pond
Magical meadows
The Celtic roundhouse – educational, and fun

We were very lucky for the weather over the weekend. It was sunny, not too cold, and perfect for bumbling around doing activities.

Is that a tent, or are you just happy to see me?
The famous five
Next top model…

In the evening, we set up a fire and cooked a BBQ on it. It was delicious! I love an outside fire on a sunny evening.

Great technique

It was also the Eurovision weekend, and staying in a cabin in the middle of the countryside was no excuse to miss it! So we abandoned the nature and ran inside for some Europop.
The next morning, we woke up bright and early ready to have a go on the low ropes.

These are the same as high ropes like you have at Go Ape, but they are only a meter above the ground because they are for young children.

The (very) low ropes
Ready to go!

They were good fun, but they took a long time to do because only one person at a time could climb across each section of the rope.

Hang on there, Matt
The leap of faith
Looking very safe
You’re in safe hands, Gemma

To round off the weekend, we headed to the pub. It was a nice country pub with a sunny pub garden, and a good chance to reflect on the weekend!

It was a really fun weekend, and even though it was a park for children, I think we made the most of it!

Go camp!

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